Restaurants at Ageno: The Hestia has a wide range of selection for you. They have five different sittings for different purpose and experience. The sitting areas are designed for a multitude of purposes- holding conferences, meetings, workshops, exhibitions and many more. Based on your purpose of arrival at Ageno, they provide you the best hospitality with service of your choice that will make you want visit Ageno time and again… The different halls available at Ageno are:


1. Ageno: Fine Dining Hall

Ageno’s dining hall is the first port of call on a culinary journey that spans the globe. It is tastefully done in a Nepalese motif with a cozy fireplace, Dhaka placemats and brown bricked walls that insinuate a homely atmosphere. The interior of the main hall is kept elegant with a lovely statue of Buddha and also Kiran Manandhar’s paintings placed all around the hall like embellishments to enhance the beauty of the interior. The visual appeal is just great. Indulge in the lavish buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner or delight in exquisite dishes from an international a la carte menu. Overlooking the lush garden, one can enjoy the view from inside or bask in the sunshine on the adjacent patio. Ageno: The Hestia also present special culinary events featuring different types of cuisine from around the world, cultural events and everybody’s favorite live BBQ night every Friday.

2. Bishram Hall

Bishram Hall is basically designed for business meetings. The hall has elegantly designed state-of-the art meeting facilities with a range of meeting setup and amenities to meet your requirements.


3. Bardali

Bardali section of Ageno offers the fresh atmosphere with open environment that give views across the Kathmandu valley to the Himalayan range beyond and the beautiful open gardens of Ageno with water fountain. Bardali is the nepali name for Balcony.



A Buegal is an external, raised, open, flat area known as Terrace. The venue offers a rooftop view seating order with a petit cafe. You can have a nice dinner out on the terrace, enjoying the sunset or have a sip of coffee in the morning while Bird Song fed its guests in a friendly atmosphere.


5. Baithak Hall

A baithak hall, typical nepali word for meeting hall, is a room provided for singular events like gathering and meetings. The hall is well furnished with soothing ambient. Meet your partners or hold your gatherings in the comfort of Agenos’ Baithak Hall. With outstanding assistance and determined customer service Ageno: The Hestia will make sure that your gathering will be one to remember.


Whether you are interested in a venue for short meetings or even day long conferences - don't hesitate to enquire about the wide range of selections for sitting and eating rooms. Ageno will make sure to exceed your expectations. Ageno is a creation of experience and innovation.

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