About us

Away from a city hustle, located in a peaceful residential area of Lalitpur, Nepal, Ageno: The Hestia is more of a home than a hotel that flavors the milieu with diversity in amenities. As the name suggest, the embodiment of nepali culture and tradition, Ageno: The Hestia is a perfect blend of contemporary international standards and time-honored tradition. “Ageno” is a typical Nepali word for a ‘fireplace’ where people cook their meal and “Hestia” refers to the Greek goddess of heart and food. This beautiful hotel is located 2km from the historic city of Patan at Dhobighat, Lalitpur with the aim to provide a soothing ambience, with minimal dinner interruptions.


At Ageno, we can find varieties of food from all around the globe prepared by the well experienced professional creme de la creme of chefs who serves every item with great fineness. They have range of selection for food from Nepali thali and Newari to international Indian continental, Chinese, Mexican and also the Sea foods to indulge your taste bud with unforgettable experience for the life time. The menu brings you a range of pure flavors all around the Nepal in one place. Ageno chefs have experiences of places, from Mumbai to Dubai, and they are cohesively working to present even the best of continental cuisine and flavor from these places. Never the less the quality of food is top notch.


Ageno’s bar is one of the best luxury bars that offers wide varieties of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. Here one can find the collection of best wines, cocktails and mocktails. The main attraction of the bar is they serve you with the drinks of your choice. Make an order for your own combination of cocktail and you have it in your table served chilled and fresh.

Location: Ward No. 4, Dhobighat, Lalitpur

Time: 8am to 10pm

Atmosphere: Peaceful

Parking: Sufficient

Wifi: Free Wifi Zone